Five vitamins and minerals to maintain sharp vision The nutrients recommended here for eye health are the following – Vitamin D as it can help to reduce painful dry eye symptoms, and some research has demonstrated the ability of vitamin D to help improve vision and reduce inflammation of the retina. Vitamin C, E and A as they work synergistically to keep your eyes healthy, maintain accurate vision and reduce the risk of AMD. Vitamin C also keeps the blood vessels in your eyes strong and helps to prevent cataracts. They also recommend zinc for preventing macular degeneration and Omega 3 to improve irritating dry eye symptoms, and help to prevent retinal damage, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Lastly, Lutein is mentioned as it is abundant in the tissues of the eyes, helping to defend against cataracts and the significant loss of vision associated with AMD. For free advice, please pop into our health food store, Guava Health, at 164 Great Western Road, G4 9AE (1 minute walk from st. Georges Cross underground) and our experienced nutritionist will be happy to help.


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