5 Ways to Build the Best Defence Against the Winter Vomiting Bug.

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In winter infections threaten to wreak havoc on the day to day plans, ranging from coughs, colds, and flu to the dreaded ‘winter vomiting bug’ called Norovirus which causes severe vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.

1. Pack your diet full of immune-supportive nutrients and herbs, especially those with anti-viral properties such as elderberry, sage, beta-glucans, zinc, and vitamins A, C and D.

2. Get a vitamin D test, either through the GP or privately (they aren’t expensive!). We are all prone to sub-optimal vitamin D levels at this time of the year as we become more indoor-bound and less exposed to sunlight, and some of us can be particularly vulnerable to this, such as the elderly and pregnant and lactating women.

3. Prioritise good quality sleep and relaxation! Sleep is our golden opportunity for our body, especially our immune system, to ‘rest and repair’.

4. Watch your sugar and alcohol intake!

5. Enjoy prebiotic (the fibre!) and probiotic (the good bacteria!) rich foods to strengthen the colonies of beneficial bacteria residing in our gut which also play a major role in our immunity.

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