Natroceutics Vitamin C 30 Capsules


Delivers superior levels of bioactive Vitamin C.

Enhanced with citrus bioflavonoids for complete health benefit

Market leading quality through Quali-C™

Advanced delivery via liposomal Cellg8™

Non-acidic and digestive friendly

Convenient single capsule taken once a day

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Using Quali C™ as our base – the market leader in Vitamin C – citrus bioflavonoids are added to create a synergistic and complete formulation.

We then overcome the challenges of absorption and half-life by using an advanced liposomal delivery system (Cellg8™) which significantly increases systemic bioavailability. These high-quality materials improve gastro-intestinal tolerability and are easily digested.

There is no longer a need to take large doses of Vitamin C several times a day. Natroceutics Vitamin C Complete delivers, with the included benefit of citrus bioflavonoids in a convenient single capsule taken once a day.



Considerations when selecting a Vitamin C supplement

Vitamin C supplements are amongst the most widely used and accepted health products in the world. Traditionally used to support the immune system, they have gained further popularity more recently for the potential to boost collagen production and for their anti-ageing properties.

All products are not created equal, make an informed decision before selecting a product:

Large doses of vitamin C are usually absorbed in limited amounts and rapidly eliminated by the body. This is why large doses are typically taken several times per day. There are now improved methods of increasing absorption and extending active life – the most successful being liposomal technology. Does your product offer a specific delivery technology to overcome this absorption challenge?

Are you aware that many vitamin C products – including those supplied by supposedly high-quality brands – use GMO corn as a starting material which is then synthesised, often in sub-standard facilities in low-cost countries? Are you assured that your vitamin C uses high quality material and processes from start to finish?

Vitamin C is a powerhouse and often taken as a sole health supplement. However, when we naturally consume vitamin C, we do so in the presence of flavonoids found in fruit and vegetables. It is a misconception that you have to consume one with the other to get the benefits of both. This is not true. Vitamin C and flavonoids each offer unique and complimentary health benefits, as nature intended. Surely you would want both benefits in a single product?

Large doses (over 1000 mg) taken in a single dose or several times per day (as often recommended when a person has a cold or infection) has a common consequence of gastrointestinal disturbances as the number one complaint as well as the potential to increase urinary oxalate and uric acid excretion. The recommended limit of vitamin C is 1000 mg per day and this should not be exceeded.

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